About us

Kelgon capital.Europe’s best real estate market place.

Property management,real estate services.Buy,Sell and strategic business consultancy.

Kelgon Capital was initiated by 2 brothers as a non governmental organisation.Self help comunity group,funded by kelgon family members,then group members and well wishers.Core purposes were to help the comunity realise their dream home,Manage their finances and greate a synergetic pull of a merry go round, by saving 100-1000 dollars per season for monthly employed,casual labourers and jobless.

A steady growth and success of kelgon capital was realised after 15 years in service,Leading to some changes in Secretariate and Management for better services.

The basic objective of  kelgon is to offer general real estate services to all,and contribute to a sustainable development.This is achieved by our highly skilled,inteligent and reliable team.
The social skills of kelgon team, together with relationship maintained with clients, and other business agents are vital factors of success and development.We are also open to learning everyday.

Why choose kelgon.

Investment,Business consultation,Mortgage,finance.

Construction services,Property management,Insurance.

General property sale services.General property rental services.

24 hour online support team.Guaranteed acountability.

Dedicated team.